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Nicky Amazon Lodge is located close to Laguna Grande in the upper part of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. The lodge was built keeping the traditional Indigenous style of the amazon jungle, lovely huts so-called cabañas with thatched roofs.



From $227.00

Jamu, coming from the word Armadillo in Siona, is a beautiful, privately-owned lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve where our guests can enjoy a variety of activities. We are located along the Cuyabeno River, 15 minutes down-river from the spectacular Laguna Grande



From $650.00

Tapir Lodge is a pioneer in Ecuador, built under the premise of respecting the precious ecosystem of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve. We are passionate about the environment therefore we work to cause minimal disturbance to wildlife. 



From $250.00

We have built it with nature in mind. Our cabins use ecological materials, all endemic to the area. Eco sustainability, ecological awareness and durability have been our premises when building every little space in our hostel.

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From $699.00

The Siona Lodge has the best and one of the single most distinctive locations in the reserve, allowing for picturesque sunsets viewed across the large freshwater lake. Much of the wildlife you will see is dependent on the unique ecosystem the lake supports allowing for some rare viewing opportunities.



From $240.00

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge is set at the heart of natural attractions, just a couple of minutes' motor canoe ride away from the Cuyabeno lake area and right next to the banks of the Cuyabeno River. From the hammocks at our pier, you may spot freshwater dolphins and enjoy the scenery of the river



From $240.00

Caiman Eco-Lodge is at one of the best spots in the Cuyabeno Reserve, really close to the Laguna Grande and reachable by canoe all year long, not depending on the season. The Lodge accommodates up to 40 people in three individual guest huts; each hut has 2 – 4 double or triple bedrooms (as required) each with its own private bathroom and shower.

About Cuyabeno

The Amazon region is characterized by large extensions of tropical forest where trees such as ceibo, sande and mahogany can easily reach more than 50 meters in height. However, there are areas where water replaces solid ground, rivers suddenly become narrow channels, large and medium-sized lagoons appear, and the canoe is the only way to move among the trees and vegetation. They are the flooded forests of the Amazon, a good part of which is protected within this great reserve. The protected area takes its name from the Cuyabeno River, which overflows in its middle course, creating a complex of 14 lagoons and forming the largest wetland in the Ecuadorian Amazon. These flooded forests are the territory of dolphins, manatees, caimans, anacondas and otters, and of the guarango de agua, the most unique tree in the reserve; Thanks to its special adaptations, it can grow on the banks of rivers and lakes, creating a magical and mysterious environment that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The reserve is also considered one of the protected areas with the greatest cultural diversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here there are communities of indigenous Siona, Secoya, Cofán, Kichwa and Shuar.

590112 hectares
Year of creation:
Altitudinal Range:
177 - 326 meters

Cultural aspects

The territory currently occupied by the reserve has had a human presence for a long time. Formerly the basin of the Aguarico river was inhabited by the "encabellados". The Spanish chroniclers gave this name to these people who wore long, highly decorated hair.
The Sionas and Secoyas who today live within the reserve descend from the ancient encabellados who lived in different areas. The Sionas lived further north, in the area between the Aguarico and Putumayo rivers, on the border between Ecuador and Colombia.
The Secoyas, on the other hand, inhabited the banks of the Napo on the Peruvian side; in 1940 they migrated to the banks of the Aguarico River, pressured by the rubber industry. The Cofan occupied, and still do, the upper basins of the Aguarico and San Miguel rivers. The current inhabitants of the Cofán de Sábalo community came down the rivers and in 1972 they settled in the central part of the reserve.
There are also several Kichwa communities, especially along the Aguarico River, in the area known as Playas de Cuyabeno -where it meets the Aguarico- and in the Zancudo area, at the eastern end of the reserve.


The reserve is located in the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon and includes the hydrographic basins of three important rivers: the Cuyabeno to the northwest, the Lagartococha to the east (which in turn borders with Peru) and the Aguarico that runs through the Cuyabeno RPF. from west to east.
Although the terra firme moist forest is the most abundant ecosystem in the reserve (and in the Amazon in general), it is the flooded ecosystems adjacent to the Cuyabeno and Lagartococha rivers that distinguish this protected area from others in the eastern region.
To learn more about the geography of this reserve and understand the dynamics of these forests, it is necessary to become familiar with the two types of rivers that exist in the Amazon and are also present in the reserve: whitewater and blackwater. Those of white waters originate in the mountain range and, as they descend towards the lowlands, they drag a large quantity of sediments that give the water a yellowish-tan color, like that of the Aguarico. The areas temporarily flooded by this water are called varzéas and are rich in sediments, so they are preferred for agriculture. In contrast, blackwater rivers are born in the same forest and their color is dark due to the presence of certain substances from the decomposition of plant material that falls into their waters. An example is the Cuyabeno and Lagartococha rivers.
The areas flooded by these rivers, known as igapós, can remain flooded for several months each year.


An oasis of flora and fauna.
A wildlife sanctuary
Napo, a natural paradise
Enter a world few people know.




The hard work done and the commitment that Ecuador Green Travel has with its clients, for changing their lives with adventure trips and their wide range of personalized programs and the great satisfaction of their clients, makes us enormously happy and is reflected in our acknowledgments commitment and work.


Fantastic trip with EGT on Tip Top V We had a fantastic 8D/7N trip on the Tip Top V boat, eastern route. We found the trip through which are Ecuador Green Travel. Carlos Risueno did a fantastic job from start to finish booking our trip. His communication was spot on, everything was correct, his responses very prompt. I couldn’t fault him at all. The rep who met is in Quito airport was also spot on and helped us get through the 2 additional checks you need before boarding your flight to Galápagos. The trip itself was fantastic. The boat Tip Top V was definitely first class. The boat was modern and very clean, having been built in 2019. Our cabin was big enough and had everything we needed and a balcony. The food was brilliant; a huge selection for breakfast with something different every day. Every lunch and dinner consisted of 3 courses, all was tasty and well presented. Federico would keep trying to give you more. Then there were snacks after every morning and afternoon activity. I don’t think we had the same thing twice and definitely came away a couple of kilos heavier! The crew were very professional and everything was done with care and purpose. The whole boat ran like clockwork, everyone knew their role and couldn’t do enough for you. Our original guide unfortunately had a family emergency 2 hours into our trip but the company found a replacement before we’d started the first activity. Felipe did a great job, was informative and kept us on our toes with a busy schedule. And finally the activities; every day we did combinations of walking, kayaking, snorkelling and boat trips. The days started early at 6am but that just meant we packed more in and beat almost all the other groups to the islands. Everyday we were shattered and in bed by 9pm but that was just because we’d had a great day. I could write reams about the Galápagos itself but there isn’t space, it is truly a spectacular place and incredible how close you can get to unique wildlife. A personal highlight was swimming with sea-lions. All in all we couldn’t recommend Ecuador Green Travel and Tip Top V highly enough. If you’re undecided about which companies to go with you can’t go wrong with these.



Hi Carlos Our recent trip to Galapagos was wonderful I want to express our thanks for your help and patience during the almost two years from our original booking to the actual departure. There were times I thought this trip might never happen. Thanks to you and Green Ecuador it became a reality! We also want to compliment the Seaman yacht crew. The yacht was beautiful and perfect for this type of excursion. All of the crew truly worked together as a team to make the guest experience a great one. As a small business owner for many years I see and appreciate when a team works towards a common goal. Seaman yacht is an exceptionally smooth operation. Our guide Enrique was excellent. He was extremely personable , friendly and knowledgeable. His daily briefings were very well done and provided just the right amount of detail to keep it interesting. His command of English was very impressive and he was always happy and able to answer any questions we had. I should also add that he had no problem getting into the (what turned out to be pretty cool ) ocean water to guide snorkelers twice a day. I think that him being in the water ,plus the very attentive Zodiac pilots, gave the less confident snorkelers more opportunities to see the amazing marine life . The itinerary exceeded my expectations and the specific site selection for the snorkeling was great for all levels of experience . In my personal rating system it is almost impossible to get 5 stars , but this trip was truly 5 STARS. Mark and Linda Conneticut USA



I can strongly recommend Carlos for booking a last minute tour to Galapagos with La Pinta. I had been in contact with a few other agencies before, of which I chose two to get into more detail. But then I emailed Carlos and suddenly I had everything I was looking for: a decent price yes, but most of all: a full understanding what I needed. We had some discussions about the cancellation policy and Carlos was the first and only one who fully understood my problem and who came up with a satisfying solution. So we booked with him. Everything went fine, no problems at all. I would book again with him the next time.



What a fabulous vacation! I could not be happier with our entire trip and the way it was planned and handled. Carlos was very responsive in caring for any questions or concerns I had. We told him what we wanted to see and what our primary goals were and he took care of the rest. We were not disappointed! Our guide Gustavo was tremendous as well, punctual, flexible and accommodating. Gus as we came to call him showed us an Ecuador that we would not have seen on our own. He is very knowledgeable about the country he calls home. As far as our visit to the Galapagos aboard the Nemo lll, it was like the icing on the cake. With only 16 passengers aboard we got to know everyone which was very nice, I'll take that over a large ship any day. The captain, crew and our naturalist Marcos were all amazing. Our daily treks and snorkels were always anticipated and everything was nicely planned out. My son and I had the trip of a lifetime, we made so many memories and we are so glad that we chose Ecuador! In summation, if you are on the fence about visiting this beautiful country, do it! And when you do let Carlos plan it for you and ask for Gustavo, you will not be disappointed:)



We had an amazing trip to the coast and Puerto Lopez. Carlos was tremendous in booking our flights and hotels in response to a last minute request and addressing all of questions and responding to our requests. We had an amazing location the first night that allowed us to walk on the malecón in Guaquil(sp) as requested and then when we arrived the next day in Puerto Lopez entered into the most beautiful room on the beach that Carlos had booked for us!! A magical lush garden residence overlooking the ocean. We saw 15 different birds from our room in 15 minutes. The Mandala hotel was PERFECT- a magical beach retreat. The hotel was clearly the realization of an artist's dream. I cannot recommend Mandala, Puerto Lopez, or Carlos more highly. Once you get there - there is so much more to discover, beaches, sea turtle rescue centre, and watching local people bring in their fishing boats all day long. Beautiful!



Hi Maciej, Thank you for choosing Ecuador Green Travel as your operator for your trip around Ecuador... It was a pleasure for me to design and arrange all the deatils about your 15 day around Andes, Amazon and Coast in our beautiful country... I'm very glad to know that you enjoyed the trip as much as possible and all the services were according to your expectations... Best regards