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Wednesday, 19 December 2018
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Lodges in Cuyabeno

The Cuyabeno Reverse is a protected zone since 26 July 1979 with an area of 603.380 square kilometres (2,329.7 sq mi) One of the principle objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is ongoing conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem- the most complex ecosystem in the world.

This reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons, and floating forest. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and interrelationships between the species inhabiting the area. The Reserve’s geomorphology is a consequence of the rivers carrying sediment and materials from the Andes, principally by the Aguarico River.The huge volume of water cascading down from the mountains maintains the naturally high water levels ensuring that the river is navigable all year round.

Cuyabeno is becoming one of the flashpoints in the world in observing birds. There are also a large number of native mammals of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve , including dolphins , manatees, at least 9 species of primates, including night monkey, which was first recorded for booking by our staff, different species of bats both insectivores eat fruits , many rodents , from the world's largest , the capybara , so many creatures underground and arbolícolas . And of course there are the sloths, anteaters and a number of South American felines , including jaguar and puma. When we say we will observe birds , we are naturally attentive to all animals. Ungulates are represented by tapirs , two species of peccary and several species of deer.

Why Cuyabeno is one of the best tourist sites in the Ecuadorian Amazon?

When you walk through the forest, the animals are difficult to observe because they are high. Also, when looking up, the contrast between the sky and the leaves is so great that look almost black. Just from the water one can see birds, flowers and mammals in the bushes and lower along the shore trees. However this only works along streams and narrow rivers. In wide rivers it is difficult to see wildlife along the river; rivers are so broad that they seem almost seas.

In the narrow rivers, on the other hand, one feels in the middle of the jungle while the river the sky opens enough to see the low and bushes along the river trees and enough light to observe birds, flowers and branches in mammals. As rivers are narrower at the top of the basin, narrow rivers are more abundant on the slopes of the Andes, but in most of the Amazon slopes are quite rugged, few rivers are navigable and there are no gaps. Cuyabeno is unique for being surprisingly flat.


200- 280 metres


Humid tropical

Lodges in Cuyabeno

Tapir Lodge
Tapir Jungle Lodge in Cuyabeno
Tapir Lodge, was created not only to create a place that surpasses customers’ expectations but also to demonstrate our ecologic credentials by constructing the most eco-friendly lodge in the Cuyabeno National Park.
Siona Lodge
Siona Lodge in Cuyabeno
The Siona Lodge has the best and one of the most distinctive locations on the reserve, allowing a place for you can take pictures to sunsets viewed across the large freshwater lake.
Cuyabeno River Lodge
Cuyabeno River Lodge
Cuyabeno River Lodge is a magical place in the entrance of the Cuyabeno reserve
Jamu Lodge
Jamu Lodge in Cuyabeno
Jamu lodge, is a beautiful, privately-owned lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve where our guests can enjoy a variety of activities.
Samona Lodge
Samona Lodge in Cuyabeno
In Samona Lodge, the activities are spread out over a wide area and allow visitors to explore several distinct but equally fascinating habitats.


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Cotopaxi bike & hike

Have you ever been near an active volcano?? Well, in this trip we will bike close to the second highest active volcano in the world! And, if lucky, we will see some of that activity! After a two hour drive to 3800 meters above sea level (12500 ft ASL)

Mindo Cloud forest

Day tours to MIndo and its marvellous cloud forest full of birds and wildlife. Shared tours on Mondays 60 usd. Private tours any day 90 usd

Termas de Papallacta

Hot springs in Papallacta. this beautiful lodge and spa is the perfect place for realx and enjoy the Andes. day in shared basis tour 60 usd. private tour 90 usd

Quito City & Mitad del Mundo

a perfect tour visiting the old town of Quito, the mitad del mundo munument and finally the teleferico. Daily in shared basis tour 40 usd. Any day in private tour 60 usd

Jungle lodges of Yasuni

Napo Wildlife Center
This is the most luxurious lodge in Ecuador's Amazon, consisting of 10 luxury cabañas and a large dining hall with a library and a well-stocked bar. Attached to the bar is a 50-foot viewing tower from which you can see the Andes on a clear day!
Sacha Lodge
Located in the heart of the Amazon, Sacha is strategically situated beside a tranquil oxbow lake, Pilchicocha. The lodge was carefully designed to be comfortable for travellers yet preserve the flavor of the jungle
Sani Lodge
Sani Lodge is truly a one of eco-lodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the Amazon rainforest. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give the guests of Sani Lodge the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.
Yarina Lodge
Is trategically located on the Napo River only 60 minutes by covered motorized canoe from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (EL COCA) lays Yarina Lodge. Deep in the wilds of the Amazonian jungle in an area of forest with the highest diversity of micro-habitats in the Napo area, reserved for indigenous Quichuas.
Napo Cultural Center
Napo cultural center formerly yasuni ecolodge this is a perfect option for visiting the yasuni National park
La Selva Lodge
One of the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador, the award winning La Selva was completely remodeled and reopened in July of 2012 and has since become the premier eco lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon. La Selva Jungle Lodge and resort is located in a rainforest paradise bordering Yasuni National Park in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet.

Jungle lodges in Upper Napo & other Cruises

Misahualli Jungle Lodge
The lodge is an opening within the rainforest; an elegant example of contemporary architecture nested at the heart of an exuberant nature.
Cotococha Amazon Lodge
The Cotococha lodge offers beautiful and spacious bungalows, built according to traditional architecture in harmony with the surrounding rainforest
La Casa Del Suizo
The Hotel offers a spectacular view which allows visitors to appreciate the full majesty of the river and the jungle around them. One of the most luxury lodges in Upper napo region
Yachana Lodge
Yachana Lodge is an award-winning, Amazon ecotourism destination that inspires thousands of international and Ecuadorian visitors each year.
Hamadryade Lodge
The lodge is an opening within the rainforest; an elegant example of contemporary architecture nested at the heart of an exuberant nature.
Manatee Amazon Explorer
An expedition cruise by its nature is characterized by adventure and unpredictability of the moment, none the safety of our passengers and our crew is no longer important to us. The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully equipped to meet the most challenging conditions and circumstances also impeccable and responsible management of experienced hands of our managers and crew.

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