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Sani Lodge

Sani lodge is located in the intermediate corridor of Yasuní National Park and Cuyabeno Reserve, this place is owned by Sani Isla Kichwa Community and embraces a total of 42,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of virgin rainforest. This is an exclusive Eco-camping that welcomes tourists with an astonishing biodiversity. This is a unique trip that will allow you to discover the mys- terious lagoon Challwacocha, where you will see flowers such as little water gardens and dark floating grasses. Taking a look at the horizon you will surely see native Sou- th American birds such as the Lettered Aracari. You will hear the whisper of the Hoatzin, another bird, which its size is similar to the pheasant that lives in the lagoons of the Amazon and Orinoco.
Part of the attractions is the trek through the forest, where you will be surrounded by 1,500 species of trees, hundreds of lianas and beau- tiful flowers; 550 species of tropical birds, 13 species of monkeys and 1,000 species of butterflies.
With our extensive knowledge about flora, fauna and biodiversity; we can give to our guests a real experience while enjoying a tour through the Ecuadorian Amazon ra- inforest.


In our ecolodge we have 13 first category cabins, of which 10 double / single cabins, 1 mini suite cabin, 1 family cabin, 1 mullet-cabin with 4 rooms, each with 5 beds. All the cabins are built in typical woods of the area, with large openings protected by mosquito nets, roofs with toquilla straw leaves. These facilities are in harmony with the jungle and will allow them to live an unforgettable dream.

Sani Eco-camping has 10 platforms with roofs which are built with single / double tents and a shared bathroom. The platforms are spacious, designed for single / double occupancy with 2 chairs each platform On the bank of Chawacocha Creek where the platforms are roofed, the camp offers a different experience for more adventurous travelers and lovers of nature.

According to a recent assessment by a leading group of biologists the Rainforest around Sani Lodge in North Eastern Ecuador is the most biologically diverse locality in the world. (Yasuni Day, 2008). For example… 
2,274 species of trees and bushes have been identified, more than any other area ever studied. 644 species of trees in only one hectare (2.47 acres) have been documented, which is almost as many species of trees as all of the United States and Canada combined! This is also a world record. Over 550 bird species are on the Sani Bird List making it one of the highest lists in the world. 
80 species of bats, making our area the second highest number ever registered.
105 species of amphibians
83 of reptiles which appears to make our area the most diverse ever studied.
64 species of social sting-less bees, also a world record in this group. 100,000 species of insects per hectare, again the greatest number of species of any place ever studied.
Not only does Sani’s surrounding forests provide a habitat for a tremendous variety of organisms but is also home to many threatened or naturally rare species such as Jaguar, 13 species of primates, Short-eared Dog, Brazilian Tapir, 2 species of peccary, Harpy Eagle, Black Caiman, Amazonian Manatee among others.
Now, having said all this, it should be stated that our wildlife is just that… wild. We do not feed or bait any animals so this means that there is definitely an element of luck or chance in what any given guest may see. Being quiet and stealthy, as well as maintaining small groups certainly helps, but there are no guarantees… however most groups see a few species of monkeys, toucans, Black Caiman (up to 3.5 to 4 meters), macaws, parrots, many types of insects, frogs, lizards and an incredible variety of birds. Everything else varies widely from group to group.


During this journey you will be able to make contact with the ancestral communities that inhabit the banks of the Napo River


RATES 2021:

2021 - 2022 SANI LODGE RATES 
3 DAYS / 2 NIGTHS USD $ 600,00 USD $ 720,00
4 DAYS / 3 NIGTHS USD $ 825,00 USD $ 990,00
5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS USD $ 1,000 USD $ 1,200
6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS USD $ 1,100 USD $ 1,320
7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS USD $ 1,250 USD $ 1,500
8 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS USD $ 1,400 USD $ 1,680
2021 - 2022 FAMILY HUT 
3 DAYS / 2 NIGTHS USD $ 1,950
4 DAYS / 3 NIGTHS USD $ 2,600
5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS USD $ 3,250
6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS USD $ 3,900

**Maximum departure time from Sani Lodge to Puerto Francisco de Orellana (El Coca) will be after breakfast (in case of obtaining air tickets route Coca - Quito in the afternoon, the value of $ 390 for the extra canoe must be paid)**


  • Transportation Coca-Sani Lodge-Coca
  • Accommodation in a private cabin
  • All meals starting with lunch on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day.
  • Snacks for morning excursions
  • Naturalist Guide
  • All excursions
  • Rubber boots
  • Water ponchos


  • Taxes of law
  • Air ticket from Quito - Coca – Quito
  • Bus ticket from Quito-Coca-Quito
  • Personal expenses, extra consumptions, tips
  • No service not specified.





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