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Galapagos is perhaps the most fascinating zoological, botanical and geologic wonder of the world. The oldest animals of the Universe are here like the Giant Tortoises that live more than 100 years, other reptiles of prehistoric appearance like the land and marine iguanas. The penguins and sea lions can be seen swimming in the blue sea. Most of the birds of the archipelago are endemic such as blue footed and masked boobies, Galapagos hawks, pelicans, finches of Darwin. The cleared flamingos that have made of the islands a special habitat, the frigates and cormorants, are some samples of the wonders animals of this natural laboratory. In addition to an impressive flora endemic and unique in the world, make to this place a real paradise, declarated by UNESCO Natural Patrimony of the Humanity.


First class

Anahi Catamaran
​​​The M/C Anahi is a Power Catamaran Yacht, built in Guayaquil, Ecuador, launched by the end of 2006 with high comfort standards. With unparalleled stability, your cruise is guaranteed to be a restful and relaxed one.
Seaman II
The Motor Catamaran Seaman II is a first class motor catamaran, which began cruising around the Galapagos in 2008. She is a spacious and comfortable boat, which has a capacity of 16 passengers, meaning that there is plenty of space for everyone and the group is of an intimate size.
Yolita II
The new YOLITA II is a beautiful and relaxing motor yacht that offers a delightful atmosphere in her 8 comfortable and spacious fully air conditioned cabins, all of them with lower beds , private bathrooms and hot/cold water.
The Galaxy is a first class yacht, which is elegantly and stylishly desgined. It accommodates 18 passengers in 9 cabins, all of which have their own private bathrooms, as well as air-conditioning and a safe.
The Archipell I & II are sister catamarans, both of which offer a high standard of design and comfort, as well as being leading examples of eco-friendliness thanks to their partial use of solar power.
Tip Top III
The Tip Top III was built in 2001 and subsequently refurbished in 2008. At 104ft, it is larger than it's sister ship, the Tip Top II and it accommodates 16 people in 10 cabins. Each cabin has either twin beds or bunk beds, the lower part of which is a double bed. In addition, all cabins have their own private bathrooms.
The Cachalote was orginally designed and constructed in California in 1971, but has since been refurbished in 2002 and now has a very good reputation within the Galapagos Island touring circuit.
Beluga Itineraries Cruise the Galapagos in style aboard the Beluga Embark upon our very spacious and comfortable “Superior First Class” motor yacht. With panoramic windows in the salon and great deck space, Beluga is a fantastic way to cruise the islands in speed and style.
The Monserrat, cruising the Galapagos since 2004 and fully refurbished in 2007, is a spacious motor yacht with capacity for 20 passengers, accommodated in 10 cabins - each complete with their own bathrooms.
Mary Anne
The Mary Anne is a traditionally crafted, stylish and comfortable sailing yacht. She accommodates 24 passengers in 12 double cabins, air conditioned and with private bathrooms.
Nemo II
Nemo II is a cruise that gives 8 entire days of satisfaction to their clients. It has excursion programs that can be made daily to explore all that the Islands has to offer divided into two different itineraries that change every week.
Reina Silvia
M/Y Reina Silvia, one of the finest vessels of her size in the Galapagos, permits you to discover the Enchanted Islands in relaxed comfort. Since Charles Darwin's visit in 1835 and his monumental "Origin Of Species" published 24 years later, Galapagos has excited man's imagination.
The Beagle, named after the ship upon which Darwin arrived in the Galapagos, is a sizeable 105ft schooner, designed very stylishly during the 1970s and refurbished several times since then.
Tip Top II
Our M/C Tip Top II was built in 2008 and redesigned in 2015-2016 to offer the highest level of comfort and the best experience in the Islands
San Jose
Yacht San Jose welcomes you to discover the true wonders of the Galapagos Islands! The San Jose takes you around the most remote islands of the Galapagos Archipelago, guaranteeing you a most genuine experience, definitely the best way to explore this unique piece of nature in the world! A naturalist cruise on board the San Jose will enable you to immerse yourself in the ‘Living Laboratory of Evolution’ and experience Galapagos in a pure but very comfortable manner.
Nemo I
The Nemo I (also known as the Nemo Martinica) is a 14-passenger sailing catamaran, offering a unique cruising experience in the Galapagos Archipelago. The catamaran was designed and built in France by Dufour & Sparks.
Nemo III
To cruise through the islands has been turning into one of the tourist favorite options. Each year, more and more people of all ages decide to make of a cruise their ideal way of vacationing. To travel to the Galapagos on board of this cruise will make an amazing experience.
The Galapagos odyssey was built to fulfill the highest expectations of any traveler seeking to experience the wonders of the Galapagos Islands in the most exclusive way. This first class yacht has been designed to reduce the impact on the fragile Galapagos eco-system.
Galaxy Ecocatamaran
On board this comfortable and new catamaran, we will present you with a wonderful and unforgettable life time! You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best that the Galapagos Islands have to offer, with fun days, a great educational experience, a leisurely excursion with lots of adventure; all of this presented to you with our unmatched high quality service, delicious food, knowledgeable and helpful guides and professional crew.
Millennium Yacht
The Millennium yacht in Galapagos islands is one of the most elegant and stylish boats currently touring the archipell.
Galaven Yacht
The M/Y Galaven I was built in 2000 and has more recently had its interior refrubished, in keeping with the high standards of quality amongst many Galapagos yachts
Tip Top IV
The Tip Top IV is the youngest boat in the Tip Top fleet and is also the most luxurious