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Luxury Class Yachts

Galapagos is perhaps the most fascinating zoological, botanical and geologic wonder of the world. The oldest animals of the Universe are here like the Giant Tortoises that live more than 100 years, other reptiles of prehistoric appearance like the land and marine iguanas. The penguins and sea lions can be seen swimming in the blue sea. Most of the birds of the archipelago are endemic such as blue footed and masked boobies, Galapagos hawks, pelicans, finches of Darwin. The cleared flamingos that have made of the islands a special habitat, the frigates and cormorants, are some samples of the wonders animals of this natural laboratory. In addition to an impressive flora endemic and unique in the world, make to this place a real paradise, declarated by UNESCO Natural Patrimony of the Humanity.


Luxury Class

The brand new Cormorant incorporates the very best of Galapagos Catamaran design. The modern and ample accommodation includes jacuzzi, huge sun deck and a private balcony for each of the spacious staterooms. Kayaks are also available for use. Cormorant combines high quality with competitive pricing making your Galapagos experience an affordable luxury.
The Galapagos SeaStar y is a luxury yacht of the very highest quality and it is exemplary of the standards that can be expected of the private cruise industry. Each of the yacht’s 16 cabins is decorated stylishly and elegantly, and is comfortable and spacious; you won’t find nicer accommodation in the Galapagos!
Ocean Spray
The M/C Ocean Spray is a brand new catamaran that truly offers the best in performance and comfort. The boat's design includes a large sundeck, complete with jacuzzi, and its cabins are all generously sizable and each has private balcony.
Petrel Catamaran
The best way to see the Galapagos Islands is on board a luxury cruise, and the newly built Petrel is a proud addition to the luxury fleet. Guests travel in comfort to the different islands, where they have up-close encounters with blue-footed boobies, iguanas, giant tortoises, whales and more.
Coral I & II
The Coral I and II are sister yachts that tour the same itineraries within the Galapagos. The Coral I is a modern and luxury mega yacht, with a capacity of 36 passengers accommodated in 18 stylish cabins. The Coral II is slightly smaller than its sister, with a capacity of 20 passengers, and is more of a classically luxurious yacht. In 2012, both yachts were fully refurbished.
The vision for this yacht is to give the clients the feeling of going onboard a ship that brings back memories of travels to far away and exotic lands. The Evolution has the classic and graceful lines of the 1920"s with the comfort and safety of today. It is an expedition vessel large enough to provide cozy staterooms with various and ample social areas including inside and outside dining, yet small enough to experience nature up-close and personal with minimal impact.