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Lodges in Upper Napo

Lodges in Upper Napo

Napo province has many tourist attractions for those who want to know the rainforest, which is visited by tourists who like boating on rivers or simply observe the fauna and flora. But the most important feature is the visitor of this province is that wants to relate with the inhabitants of the area are indigenous , besides wanting to know their culture and traditions.

Several indigenous Kichwa communities inhabiting the East Napo. Its inhabitants make handicrafts with natural products of the area such as shigras (handbags) , ceramics, bows and arrows. Its towns still preserve ancient traditions.

Tourism has great attractions in Napo Province, beginning with nature and extraordinary beauty of this world of contrasts, from the elevations of more than 5,700 meters of Antisana to the lowland plains of 200 meters above sea level. Sun and rain and murmuring streams contribute to the natural beauty, which is the main attraction for tourism.

The cities and cantonal capitals have populations comforts and conveniences of hotel services, electricity, study centers and museum collections, which are interesting for cultural and scientific tourism.

Capital Tena, Archidona, Jumandi Caverns, and the beaches of Misahuallí, are its closest attractions, but the smell of jungle remains its biggest tourist magnet.

Hunting and fishing are many other attractions for tourists and safaris into the province, valleys and banks of the beautiful streams and lakes as of the Rivers Putumayo, Aguarico, Napo. There is a floating hotel service for travel of the paradisiacal regions of Napo.

Lodges in Upper Napo

La Casa del Suizo
Lodge La Casa del Suizo
The Hotel offers a spectacular view which allows visitors to appreciate the full majesty of the river and the jungle around them.
Misahualli Lodge
Misahualli Lodge in Upper Napo
The Misahualli Amazon Lodge, offers peace and rest that you deserve to enjoy a unique and unforgettable holiday in the Ecuadorian jungle.
Cotococha Lodge
Cotococha Lodge in Upper Napo
The Cotococha lodge offers beautiful and spacious bungalows, built according to traditional architecture in harmony with the surrounding rainforest
Hamadryade Lodge
Hamadryade Lodge in Upper Napo
The lodge is an opening within the rainforest; an elegant example of contemporary architecture nested at the heart of an exuberant nature.
Yachana Lodge
Yachana Lodge in Upper Napo
Yachana Lodge is an award-winning, Amazon ecotourism destination that inspires thousands of international and Ecuadorian visitors each year.




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