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Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Sani Lodge

Sani Lodge

Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon you will find a mysterious lake called Challuacocha, where floating water hyacinths and grasses obscure the shores. Float here for a while, scanning the horizon and you would probably notice the yellow banded chest of an Aracari or hear the hoarse whisper of the Hoatzin. Come to Challuacocha and feel the mystery. Come to Challuacocha and experience the world of Sani Lodge.

To the north of Challuacocha lies the Cuyabeno Reserve and along the southern border stretches the vast Yasuni National Park. In the corridor between, located on 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of untouched rainforest lies Sani Lodge, a unique Ecuador ecolodge. Here, the biodiversity will amaze you! On your adventure, you will walk through a pristine rainforest gallery that is home to 1,500 species of trees, hundreds of climbing vines, and exotic flowers, as well as 550 species of tropical birds, 13 species of monkeys and 1,000 species of beautiful butterflies.

Sani Lodge is truly a one of a kind Ecuador eco-lodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the Amazon rainforest. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give the guests of Sani Lodge the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. In addition to providing excellent service to its guests, Sani Lodge participates in community ecotourism - profits from the jungle lodge are reinvested into the community, improving the lives of all who live there.



Food, Cuisine
The cuisine of Sani Lodge is customized to its guest's needs, requiring a special diet or being vegetarian is not a problem, here the cuisine will be innovative, combining examples of fresh, local ingredients and international style.

Equipped with two shared bathrooms, showers and wooden thatch-roofed structures, this is ideal for people looking for an experience out in the wild.

Night hicking
A hike through the Rainforest during the night is an opportunity to discover the mysteries of what happens in the dark, hidden behind the shadows, in the deep recesses of the forest are the animals which one can see only at night.


  • Piranha Fishing
  • Kayak
  • Hiking
  • Comunity and Native Home Visit
  • Observation Tower 
  • Bird watching
  • Black caiman watching


General Wildlife

According to a recent assessment by a leading group of biologists the Rainforest around Sani Lodge in North Eastern Ecuador is the most biologically diverse locality in the world. (Yasuni Day, 2008).

For example… 
2,274 species of trees and bushes have been identified, more than any other area ever studied. 644 species of trees in only one hectare (2.47 acres) have been documented, which is almost as many species of trees as all of the United States and Canada combined! This is also a world record. Over 550 bird species are on the Sani Bird List making it one of the highest lists in the world. 
80 species of bats, making our area the second highest number ever registered.

105 species of amphibians

83 of reptiles which appears to make our area the most diverse ever studied.

64 species of social sting-less bees, also a world record in this group. 100,000 species of insects per hectare, again the greatest number of species of any place ever studied.

Not only does Sani’s surrounding forests provide a habitat for a tremendous variety of organisms but is also home to many threatened or naturally rare species such as Jaguar, 13 species of primates, Short-eared Dog, Brazilian Tapir, 2 species of peccary, Harpy Eagle, Black Caiman, Amazonian Manatee among others.

Now, having said all this, it should be stated that our wildlife is just that… wild. We do not feed or bait any animals so this means that there is definitely an element of luck or chance in what any given guest may see. Being quiet and stealthy, as well as maintaining small groups certainly helps, but there are no guarantees… however most groups see a few species of monkeys, toucans, Black Caiman (up to 3.5 to 4 meters), macaws, parrots, many types of insects, frogs, lizards and an incredible variety of birds. Everything else varies widely from group to group.

Prince List 

Price List / Sani Lodge


(Double, triple)


(Simple room)

3days/2nigths $ 715.00 $ 851.00
4days/3nigths $ 953.00 $ 1133.00
5days/4nigths $ 1192.00 $ 1417.00
6days/5nigths $ 1429.00 $ 1700.00
7days/6nigths $ 1668.00 $ 1987.00
8days/7nigths $ 1905.00 $ 2266.00


  • Assistance at Quito Airport
  • Transportation Coca-Sani Lodge-Coca
  • Accommodation in private cabin with hot water or tent
  • All meals starting with lunch on the first day and finishing with
  • lunch on the last day
  • Snacks for all the excursions
  • Native and bilingual guide
  • Package of activities
  • Rubber boots
  • Rain coats
  • WIFI in the bar area

Not Included

  • Air ticket from/to Quito (US $210.00 round trip or, $110 one way
  • Price subject to change without previous notice)
  • Bus ticket from/to Quito. We don´t book bus tickets. Bus tickets
  • have to be purchased 48 hours in advance directly by the guest.
  • Personal expenses, extras, tips
  • Any services not specified
  • Taxes (VAT)

Jungle lodges of Yasuni

Napo Wildlife Center
This is the most luxurious lodge in Ecuador's Amazon, consisting of 10 luxury cabañas and a large dining hall with a library and a well-stocked bar. Attached to the bar is a 50-foot viewing tower from which you can see the Andes on a clear day!
Sacha Lodge
Located in the heart of the Amazon, Sacha is strategically situated beside a tranquil oxbow lake, Pilchicocha. The lodge was carefully designed to be comfortable for travellers yet preserve the flavor of the jungle
La Selva Lodge
Winner of the Ecotourism Award from the World Congress on Tourism and the Environment, La Selva lodge sits high on the lake of Garzacocha. The cabanas are of native design and are very comfortable and the food is the pride of the lodge.
Sani Lodge
Sani Lodge is truly a one of eco-lodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the Amazon rainforest. Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give the guests of Sani Lodge the true experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.
Yarina Lodge
Is trategically located on the Napo River only 60 minutes by covered motorized canoe from Puerto Francisco de Orellana (EL COCA) lays Yarina Lodge. Deep in the wilds of the Amazonian jungle in an area of forest with the highest diversity of micro-habitats in the Napo area, reserved for indigenous Quichuas.
Napo Cultural Center
Napo cultural center formerly yasuni ecolodge this is a perfect option for visiting the yasuni National park

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