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The Lodges are a great way of getting to experience the amazon first hand, their all inclusive packages will look after every detail from start to end, accommodation, certified bilingual guides, meals & transport will all be prearranged to provide you with a front row seat to this amazing ecosystem that doesn’t cease to amaze its visitors, have a look at the different lodges located in several regions of the amazon, make your pick and let us take care of the rest.


Amazon jungle tours offers an amazng option for discover wildlife, rivers and relaz in the quiet jungle. Depending on your budget and requirements you can choose to stay in our different lodges, with our al inclusive packages including flights, transfers and all the services. Staying in the midst of the rich natural inhabitation is indeed an experience of a lifetime. All the facilities required to make your stay comfortable are available in these hotels. You may inquire about the facilities available to make sure you are not taken by surprise upon arrival. In case of any special requests you may inform them in advance.


The Amazon rainforest is known for its perfect weather conditions supporting wildlife and plants. For most part of the year the climate is humid and rainy. The period with maximum rain is the best time to visit this beautiful place. Most of wild species can be seen engaged in a number of different activities like eating, playing and many more. Amazon jungle tour can be both relaxing and adventurous. It requires you to be physically fit as most of journey is in canoes and hiking. For tourists who like adventure this is a perfect holiday destination. Hiking through different terrains and exploring the natural beauty of Amazon is worth the pain.


When going on Amazon forest tour ensure that each person carries only one bag preferably a backpack. Shoes or boots suited for hiking are essential. Carry a pair of extra clothes as the rains are unpredictable. Ensure that you carry first aid kit and personal medications with you while travelling. In case you have any special medical condition like asthma, it is suggested that you inform your guide prior to beginning your journey from the hotel. The lodges provide rain coats and rubber boots during the excursions. Also the guide always carries a backpack with aid kit for any case and a big bottle of pure water for all the passengers.

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This is the perfect place for adventure and resting. Come and discover with us the marvelous things that offer the amazon jungle rainforest of Ecuador. 




The hard work done and the commitment that Ecuador Green Travel has with its clients, for changing their lives with adventure trips and their wide range of personalized programs and the great satisfaction of their clients, makes us enormously happy and is reflected in our acknowledgments commitment and work.