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Canopy Ecuador

Canopy in Ecuador


The Canoping or Canopy is an extreme sport that involves moving a tree to another hanging from a steel cable, which are plotted in the woods, with the help of a waist harness and pulley. This activity is recommended for those who like to feel in direct contact with nature accompanied by adrenaline and vertigo.

Canopy in Ecuador

The canopy in Ecuador, is a recently popular sport, but has gained many followers, so when several sites offer you the opportunity to live a different ecological experience.

Enjoy the pleasure of meeting our forests, waterfalls and rivers, from a different perspective, flying from the top of leafy trees, swaying or suspended in the middle of nowhere.

The canopy is exclusively environmentalist and tourists who practices it is inserted in the heart of the forests and will be very privileged to observe the biodiversity, know the different native tree specimens and Ecuadorian flora and fauna.

If you practice canoping is important to wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes (may be shorts, shirt and tennis). In the rainy season it is recommended to bring a raincoat and appropriate clothing for this kind of weather.

At the time of canopy, we recommend doing with specialized guides who accompany adventurers throughout the journey and tell responsible for all matters relating to safety and the proper functioning of the canopy.

Places like Mindo, Chachimbiro and the city of Bath, give you the opportunity to make sure canopy, amid a spectacular setting.

The approximate duration of this activity is an hour and a half to two hours depending on the number of people involved.

  • Dificultad:Principiante / Moderado

  • Altura:De 30 a 60 m.

  • Recorrido:De 700 a 1500 m. de largo

  • Edad mínima:12 años

  • Duración:Aprox. 2 horas

  • Temporada:Todo el año

  • Equipo utilizado:- Poleas

  •  - Arneses

  •  - Guantes

  •  - Cascos

  •  - Guantes




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